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Matilda Blows into Town


Matilda lived in Ireland, just outside of Kilkenny with her mom, her Granny and her Aunt and Uncle. She was the only child left, her cousin Aiden, who you will meet in Book 2, had already come of age. He had moved on and was living in a loft in the town of Kilkenny.
But Matilda was having a hard time coming of age. She was comfortable at home and she worried about what her Ma and Gran would do if she left home.

She knew that she had to take some steps to come of age and after a visit from Aiden, Matilda put her wish out to the universe and boy did the universe listen.

Matilda got stuck in a storm, she got bonked on the head and ended up stuck in a trunk that was headed to America. When she finally got herself out of the trunk with the help of her new friend Elena, she was on the shores of Boston Harbor and her coming of age trip was ready to begin in earnest. 

Matilda tumbled into a purse of an artist and author who was building a fairy garden to inspire her new series of books. In the garden Matilda met many new friends of the creature variety but she was lonely for other fairies, her optimism however carried her through as she trusted the universe to bring her what she needed.

Along came Greta, a grandmother fairy who had spent the last 10 years in captivity. 

Amazingly enough Elena helped her escape and she and Matilda settled into Fairy garden to heal and prepare for the upcoming winter.

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