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Matilda Welcomes You

Live your life with intention & seek joy

Interview with Anna Stephenson - Rae Elliott Williams
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Come Visit Matilda

Matilda came to me while I put together my very first fairy garden.

She kept asking me questions, like can a fairy live in this garden in the winter?

Are there trees or root dwellings around for us to hide in?

What will we wear? What will we eat?

Will you make your craft supplies available to us?

Meet Matilda's Creator

After 18 years as an expressive arts therapist I knew that my empty nesting was going to require some creativity. I wrote, and wrote and wrote. For 7  years I wrote from the perspective of my excited prepared  children instead of from my perspective of fear. The result was 8 stories about fairies coming of age. Learning to create the life they want by taking responsibility for the life they have. I hope you enjoy.

Meet the Artist

I wanted my fairies to be hardy and colorful. I wanted the art to draw potential readers in.
I wanted it to charge
their imaginations. I feel like Ellen encompassed all of that.

I hope my readers dig out their colored pencils and personalize all of the black and white chapter art in every book.


Contact Matilda

Have a photo or drawing of Matilda?
Want to share your personal fairy garden?

Want to find more about Matilda and her adventures?
Come talk to Matilda and her creator here!

Reader's Fairy Gardens

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