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Fairies and the Quantum Field

Fairies unlike humans do not have to be un-taught about the Quantum Field. They grow up understanding that thoughts are things, that if they can hold a thought in their mind, they can hold it in their hand. They just accept that if they can see their future clearly and they keep that future in the forefront of their mind that they will innately take the steps to get themselves there, and if they keep stepping towards their goal, they will eventually get there.

Fairies know how to work with the energies of nature, blending with it, using it and respecting it. They know that the head of a sunflower will follow the suns rays all day long, absorbing it's warmth and storing it in it's tiny brown seeds. Fairies know how to harness that energy, store it, use it, even manipulate it. Fairies just accept our natural world as it is, they do not need to explain it or be able to see something to know it is real.

Now humans have the same access to the Quantum Field. But our culture puts energy into teaching us that because you can't see or touch it, it can't be real. So humans who want to learn to use the energy of the universe need first to unlearn the lessons they have been taught. They need to stop reminding themselves of those messages such as Life is Hard, You can't always get what you want, money doesn't grow on trees. We humans see ourselves as limited beings because that is what we have been taught. But the universe of the fairies is the same universe as ours and we can learn to use it's energy to manifest any thing that we choose to have in our lives.

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